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    Sending money for service

    I makes money from google adsense. google deposit money direct to my bank account. but have few partners to whom i have to pay some part of money. however they lives in "IRAN" and IRAN, paypal service is not available. they asked me to provide webmoney fund. in that case can you help me? i need avg 2K USD exchange/M paypal to webmoney. also the money i send i will show it as business expense and i require any kind of invoice that you received the money. so i can show it to gvt as proof as expense. can you please help me with that? and little more flexible exchange rate? it will be long term. my paypal age is more than 8 years. also i can provide enough info that money coming from google adsense. if require i can show it using teamviewer. and i think i exchanged more than 10K USD with you. i tried to contact skype but no one answer
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